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Milwaukee, WI, United States, North America
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Management (Manager/Director)
Bachelor's Degree
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Full time

Project Safety Manager

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Job Description
The Project Safety Manager supplies site safety leadership and oversight for assigned projects. Safety Manager functions as an expert resource for consistent implementation of company safety standards and programs, provides project-wide safety training, supports preconstruction safety planning, and performs jobsite safety auditing and incident investigation.
•    Perform construction site and shop safety inspections of facilities and operations.
•    Provide documentation and communications of inspections results including necessary corrective measures.
•    Provide advice and consultation to staff to assist them in maintaining a safe working environment in compliance with environmental safety regulations, standards and practices.
•    Assist company managers in the enforcement of safety policies and environmental health guidelines.
•    Provide training to personnel on a variety of safety and health topics.
•    Provide technical testing and surveillance services as may be necessary.
•    Perform related work as required.

Job Qualifications
•    Thorough knowledge of safety regulations and standards and environmental health guidelines.
•    Knowledge of construction safety including inspection procedures, methods and practices; environmental health guidelines; and modern teaching and training methods.
•    Ability to develop and deliver safety and environmental health training programs.
•    Ability to communicate effectively, both written and orally.
•    Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with representatives from outside regulatory agencies.
•    Skill in the operation of technical testing instruments and equipment.

Job Requirements
•    A minimum of a high school degree is required. An industry related college degree is preferred, such as a four-year degree in Occupational Safety, Construction Engineering, Construction Management, or Industrial Hygiene.
•    10 years safety work of a progressive nature with a minimum of 5 years of construction experience.
•    Formal safety training of an average of 24 hours each year for the last five years.
•    Work in a formal safety capacity is preferred.
•    For those lacking a degree in safety or a related field, extensive construction experience is essential.
•    Strong team leadership skills.
•    Flexibility to coordinate multiple projects.
•    Good time management and project organization skills.
•    Possess excellent communication, public speaking, leadership, and supervisory skills.

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