Four Mile Road and Seven Mile Road Bridges Over the Root River

4 mile bridge 2_resize_ArticleFour Mile Road and Seven Mile Road Bridges Over the Root River, Racine County, WI

Owner:  Village of Caledonia
Prime Contractor: Vista Design & Construction
Contract Value:  $1,602,089
Project Timeline:  Completed by November 2008


Demolition and removal of two structures over a waterway, the construction of two new structures (2-span and 3-span), piling, backfilling, rip rap, erosion control, landscaping, paving, and all other incidental roadway work


The work performed consisted of two structure demolitions and removals.  New bridge construction to follow included driving of piling and construction of new piers in the waterway along with removal and replacement of the concrete deck formed and poured on top of pre-cast beams, top portions of the abutment back-wall, bridge railings, approach slabs, and pavement.  Grading, landscaping, pavement marking, and traffic control were additional completed tasks.  Coordination of inspectors and subcontractors was maintained, and all incidental items were executed as necessary to complete the work as shown on the plans, proposal, and contract.

Features & Challenges:

  • One of the main challenges was to construct the piers for the structures within the waterway.  Dams were constructed and pumped down around the piers in order to construct the new structure.  The other challenge was to contain all debris from the old structure, and prevent from any pieces falling into the waterway.  A large steel L section that was hung by a crane was used to catch debris as the structure got demolished.


All services were completed on time and within budget to the satisfaction of the Owner.