North Prospect Avenue Bridge over Oak Leaf Bike Trail

Prospect Bridge 3_ArticleNorth Prospect Avenue Bridge over Oak Leaf Bike Trail, Milwaukee County, WI

Owner:  City of Milwaukee
Prime Contractor
Contract Value:  $977,146
Project Timeline:  19 May 2008 – 20 November 2008

North Prospect Avenue Bridge
over Oak Leaf Bike Trail.


The work performed consisted of two phase demolition and removal of an existing structure.  New bridge construction to follow included a bike path canopy for protection of pedestrian traffic along the Oak Leaf Bike Trail along with removal and replacement of the concrete deck, top portions of the abutment back-wall, bridge & pedestrian railings, pavement, sidewalks, curb & gutter and sewer structures.  Grading, sand blasting & painting steel members, pavement marking, and traffic control were additional completed tasks.  Coordination of inspectors and subcontractors was maintained, and all incidental items were executed as necessary to complete the work as shown on the plans, proposal, and contract.

Features & Challenges:

  • Specific attention was given to structural steel removal as the contents of the existing paint showed signs of lead material.  The appropriate lead cutting equipment and shower facilities were provided and used in accordance with OSHA standards.


All services were completed on time and within budget to the satisfaction of the Owner.